Student of the Month

I’ve been off the grid, traveling Spain and eating all the delicious (albeit sometimes scary looking) food and drinking all the wine and cold, cold beer my little stomach could handle. I am back now, and still half asleep.. so I don’t have much to share, yet.

But I couldn’t not share this. ‘Cause I kind of feel like a giddy elementary school kid..

I was named student of the month at my yoga studio! 

So I’ll leave you with this:

Meet Gabriella! Gabriella is our July student of the month! And she more than ever deserves to be student of the month! She has been coming to the studio for 2 years now (almost everyday!) and started straight out with the monthly unlimited membership and jumped right into the 30 day yoga challenge!  (and has completed 3 challenges since then!) Having Gabby in class and getting to know her has been so amazing. She is so determined and excited about her practice and her life and you can feel it! Always challenging herself and challenging those around her, whether it’s in a YOD class, power flow class or even off the mat! Gabby is the most sweetest, honest and kind human and we are lucky to have her apart of our family.  Thank you for continuing to show up fully, kick ass and sweat with us everyday! We love you girl!

“I found The Yoga Roots 2 years ago, shortly after moving to the AV. I had tried yoga before but it wasn’t really my thing. After a few weeks of working from home in my new town, I realized I needed to start leaving the house and interacting with people before I went insane. So, I decided to give yoga another shot. It was pretty much love at first sight with TYR. After trying out my first week, I dove right in to the unlimited option without hesitation and started coming to the studio 4-5 days a week. I was ready to be challenged… and to sweat like crazy!

When I first started, I was in the middle of planning my wedding from across the country and I was adjusting to the reality that my life would forever be filled with unknowns and lots of moves that I would have little to no say in (yay military life!). Yoga really helped to keep me grounded as I approached this new phase of life. It also helped me look amazing in my wedding dress. 😉

I love being able to reflect and see how far I’ve come in these 2 years, both personally and in my yoga practice. I love that the back pain I’ve lived with for the last 5 years seems to disappear when I am practicing regularly. I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when I realize that one of those crazy movements & poses that Shannon and the rest of the TYR team asks you to try suddenly doesn’t seem impossible. I love being pushed to “just try it”, because our bodies are capable of more than we realize.

Thanks to the whole TYR community, teachers and students, for creating an awesome environment and for teaching me so much!”



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