Getting Older… and Other Random Musings

I was just driving home from work thinking to myself, Self… you’ve been pretty uninspired this week. You set a loose goal to blog once a week, but you have nothing to write about. What’s up with that?!

That little “pep talk” led me down a rabbit hole of thoughts. All my thoughts and excuses led back to, “but I’m just so tired!” And I had to laugh at myself as I thought, is this what happens when you get to your 30s? You just cry about how tired you are? One weekend of very tame “partying” in Miami Beach takes a whole week to recover from? I mean, I start yawning at 9pm and I’m in bed by 9:30pm… is this normal for someone my age? Does this mean I’m old?

And that led me down another rabbit hole…

Maybe I am old? They (who’s they??) say I’m technically a millennial, but there’s so much I don’t understand:

Twitter.. I just don’t get it.

Hashtags… What’s up with all the hashtags? Why do we need to hashtag everything? (Ok, ok… I’m guilty of using the occasional hashtag, so sue me. But I still don’t understand them… does anyone ever actually search hashtags to find things?)

Facebook… Has it gone the way of MySpace, and I didn’t get the memo? Why is everyone posting politically charged articles instead of videos of cats riding roombas, like they used to?

Snapchat… I think it’s hilarious, but what’s the protocol? What’s the etiquette for a random acquaintance sending me a snap? Am I supposed to snap back? Do I respond with “cool!”? Am I expected to respond at all?? Can I pretend I never saw the snap of your slice of pizza with your witty comment?!?

By the time I got home I was simultaneously pleasantly surprised that I’d just narrated my next post and slightly depressed with the realization that I’m old-ish. (Also, I was starving. I could just chalk it all up to some kind of hunger induced delirium. Should I order pizza? No… no need to anger your slowing metabolism, Gabi… remember, you’re old now.)

Excuse me as I pour my old self a glass of wine and settle in for a really exciting evening of finally finishing Master of None on Netflix… my bed time is around the corner.


8 thoughts on “Getting Older… and Other Random Musings

  1. I had Snapchat for a few months back in 2014 and had no clue what the protocol was and couldn’t figure it out either. I was like, “Soooo are we just supposed to send each other pictures of ourselves all day? And should I be offended when someone doesn’t reply?” I didn’t get it.

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