Have you guys heard of the singer/songwriter, Khalid? He’s got a few hits that I’m totally digging right now: Young Dumb & Broke ( & Location ( I first learned of him when someone on a morning radio show raved about having just discovered his music. I had to agree, I instantly loved him & his music. He’s got a really chill vibe and just seems so relatable (high school Gabi totally could have related to him; who isn’t young, dumb, & broke in high school, right?). Go check him out, hopefully you like him just as much as I do.

Anyway, I was just listening to an interview he did. The interviewer started out by mentioning that he moved around a lot as a kid, ‘cause it was something they had in common. When I hear that anyone “moves around a lot” I instantly think there must be some military association. Because who else in their right mind would move every 2-4 years, amirite?! I kept listening and he went on to mention that he went to high school in El Paso, TX (maybe that’s another reason I love him? Texas has a special spot in my heart) and eventually the interview lead to conversation about his mom. He went on to say that she recently retired from the Army (there it is, I knew it!) I can’t explain it, but I suddenly felt so proud.

I have this fear that I’m going to ruin my future child(ren) by never giving him/her a “stable life”. The constant moving, always being the new kid in school. These aren’t things I had to deal with growing up… and man, it was hard enough to get through those miserable teenage years without that added stress. And if uprooting MY life every 4 years feels terrifying to me and I’m an “adult” (when does one really BECOME an adult?), how in the world is a kid supposed to deal with it all??

So I just think it’s cool as hell when I hear about someone who grew up as a military brat (can we talk about how much I hate that term? Why do they have to be brats? Anyone know??) and has found a way to thrive and find happiness and success. Khalid was pretty candid about his struggles, especially in those awkward teenage years (we’ll pretend like he’s not still in those awkward years, he’s only 19). He found a way to turn those struggles into something pretty fantastic, and I find that so admirable.

Here’s hoping I don’t totally screw up any future kids!


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