Word of the Year

Back on the subject of resolutions and goals… ‘Cause it’s still January.

The owner of the yoga studio I go to often writes a question on the white board near the entrance of the studio. She writes questions that make you do a little soul searching. For instance, what are you thankful for? What does the studio/yoga mean to you? If nothing was stopping you, what would you do?

She updated the board this week with a new question: what word defines your 2018? She was writing it on the board as I settled in for class that day, and posed the question to the room. I knew there was a feeling, a word that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. So I let the thought sit with me as I sweat my ass off during the next hour. By the time I settled on for Savasana, I had my word.


There it was.

I saw the word fearless on the board as I wrote badass, and realized that was basically the same thing to me. Being a badass means being fearless. It means trying new things. It means embracing new challenges. It means overcoming obstacles. It means not letting fear stop me.

So, there you have it. This year, I will try to feel badass.

I just came back from my company’s annual MLK Day of Service desert cleanup. We spent the morning picking up rubbish and dumped items from a designated plot of land. And you know what? I feel pretty badass for volunteering to improve my community.

I’m also feeling incredibly sore from all that bending over to unearth bits of plastic, metal, nuts, bolts, nails, glass, and paper. But hey, totally worth it.

What word word are you taking with you into this new year?


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