Packaged with Care

I have been wanting to share some of the care packages I created and sent to Husband for quite some time. I hesitated to write this post while he was deployed since I didn’t want to spoil any of the cheesy surprises for him. Spoiler alert: they were Velveeta level cheesy.Read More »

Spring Cleaning

I have this amazing ability to practically compose a whole blog post in my head while I’m driving, but I never actually compose it once I’m out of the car. Really, you’d love how witty and insightful I am… if only I’d get around to writing down the words that swim around in my brain.

I had this post about spring cleaning itching to be written for over a week and I’m just now getting to it. Oops.

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Word of the Year

Back on the subject of resolutions and goals… ‘Cause it’s still January.

The owner of the yoga studio I go to often writes a question on the white board near the entrance of the studio. She writes questions that make you do a little soul searching. For instance, what are you thankful for? What does the studio/yoga mean to you? If nothing was stopping you, what would you do?Read More »